Best Art Museums in Massachusetts

Best Art Museums in Massachusetts

Massachusetts boasts a massive array of different museums and cultural attractions to visit, ensuring that art enthusiasts have plenty to see. Many of the museums are nonprofit organizations, which need your help and support to survive. These art museums are a massive benefit to the community, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to appreciate art.

The art museums throughout Massachusetts rely on visitors to survive, and memberships are just one way that you can support the ever growing museums. These museums offer exhibition space for new artists, which is an exciting way to get them seen throughout the community. Regardless of the style of artwork, you will be amazed at the talent on offer.

These museums offer some of the greatest and most obscure artwork that one will find.  From medieviel painting to the world’s largest inflatable balloon, which is operated by a massive air compressor, these museums have almost any type of art that you can find on earth.

The Addison Gallery of American Art is one of the most comprehensive collections of American art in the world and has over 17,000 objects. These span from the 18th century until now, and provide a fascinating insight into American History. Throughout the year, there are both permanent displays and feature exhibits for you to enjoy.

Fitchburg Art Museum is extraordinary and offers so much more than many other museums in Massachusetts. Not only can you enjoy the numerous exhibits on offer, you can get involved and enjoy an art class. The exhibits in the museum are intriguing, and will guarantee that your mind is opened up to the world of art.

The New Bedford Art Museum ensures that every visitor is engaged with art, understanding and appreciating every aspect. Since the museum was opened in 1994 it has attracted vast numbers of visitors. Although the museum is a non collection holding museum, it is still incredibly popular as they have many different exhibits throughout the year.

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has been open since 1876, and today is considered to be the most comprehensive art museum in the world. There are over 450,000 pieces of artwork on display, and this museum has a staggering one million visitors every year. In recent years, the museum has undergone extensive expansion, and there are now four exciting levels simply just for American Art.

The Museum of Bad Art is a community based private institution that is dedicated to finding and displaying bad art in all forms. This engaging museum was founded in 1993, and since day one the response has been positive. The collections have grown, and more people than ever want to visit this unusual museum.

Williams College of Art Museum is a revolutionary museum that believes people should learn about art, by being taught with art. This teaching museum ensures that everyone leaves feeling inspired and with a far better knowledge of art in every form. You will learn as you explore, which is the perfect way to absorb the different exhibits on offer.

Regardless of where you are travelling to in Massachusetts, there are many different museums to explore and enjoy. You will leave the area feeling inspired, and understanding a little more about art and everything it has to offer. American Art is staggering, and with so many proud museum exhibits, you will have no excuse not to learn a vast amount of knowledge.