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Music to Paint to – Enter the Realms of Mesmerism

It is funny how artists find their muse. For some inspiration comes in the form of cool zephyr while for others, a butterfly might be an inspiration. Picasso once said, ‘Some painter transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform the yellow spot into the sun.’ If you’ve ever tried to put your imagination […]

How to Spray Paint Ceramics

Having the ability to spray paint ceramics allows you to revamp something old or upgrade something that’s cheap.  Below are some tips on how to spray paint ceramics. #1) Choose your pieces- Before you start spray painting, you’ll need to choose your ceramic pieces.  If you have an unwanted piece of ceramic, you might want […]

The Magnificent Dancing Lights

The Northern Lights in Alaska are said to never be outdone in terms of the best outdoor light displays. Many visitors, who see the Northern Lights, describe them as inspiring and breathtaking. These “dancing” lights of brilliant yellow, green, reds, and blues provide a wonderful backdrop for the Alaskan landscape and makes for beautiful paintings […]

Turning Up The Heat In Your Studio

An artist’s studio is where he or she spends most their time and feeling comfortable in your own studio is one of the most important aspects. Of course, weather plays an important role in that it affects the temperature in your studio. Seeing that winter is frustratingly cold, I decided to have a baseboard heater […]

Best Art Museums in Massachusetts

Best Art Museums in Massachusetts Massachusetts boasts a massive array of different museums and cultural attractions to visit, ensuring that art enthusiasts have plenty to see. Many of the museums are nonprofit organizations, which need your help and support to survive. These art museums are a massive benefit to the community, and ensure that everyone […]

Protect Your Clothes With Coveralls

For an artist it is important to be able to express your art in any way possible or the way that you see fit, but some things can make you hold back a bit. One great example is getting paint on your clothes. Not every artist like wearing coveralls to do their art, but once you […]

Inspired by Nature, Mused by Mountains

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic and creative satisfaction. As an artist, it is important to be close to nature and merge into the vibes to be one with the nature. Artistic abilities can be enhanced exponentially merely by spending some time in the midst of nature’s beauty that humanity has been blessed with. […]

Financial Aid For Art School

If you are looking to further your art education, but you do not have the finances for it, you might want to look into getting a student loan. If you’d like to learn about personal student loans, low interest rate student loans, and even parent plus loans, below is a guide that will help you […]

Looking For A Career In Video Game Art Design

Video game art design careers are a popular choice with anyone who loves the visual arts, loves video games and loves creating or basically anything art related. Video games are designed, created and produced by teams of talented people. One of those team members is a video game art designer. So what does a video […]

Getting An Art Degree To Further Your Art Career

Joining art school is a choice that calls for careful thought and consideration just like any other major life decision, with open options for you including 4 year colleges with an art degree program, 2 year colleges with art and design certificate programs, 2 year art and design associate’s programs and 3 year art and […]