Getting An Art Degree To Further Your Art Career

Joining art school is a choice that calls for careful thought and consideration just like any other major life decision, with open options for you including 4 year colleges with an art degree program, 2 year colleges with art and design certificate programs, 2 year art and design associate’s programs and 3 year art and design masters programs. Pursuing that higher education degree in art and design will thus involve you asking yourself some basic questions regarding your intention to major in art in college. You therefore ask questions including what degree you want to get, what you want to study, do you have enough finances, and do you want an online art school, a Christian school or a normal art school. Also, what kind of colleges you want?


Where Do You See Yourself One Day

Your answers to these questions are mostly influenced by the type of career path that you want to follow. Once you have a clear idea of the career path you want to pursue you can then you can seek the relevant information about your options. If you choose to enroll for an art and design certificate program at an art instruction school, you will mainly focus on the areas that mostly interest you. This means that you will be introduced to the fundamentals of art as it is assumed that the students taking this certificate have limited experience in the arts. Being that certificate programs are more concentrated than programs in a degree, your studies will include few, if any, general studies. As such your course may be as short as one semester and normally not longer than two years.

Art And Design Associate’s Programs

If you take art and design associate’s programs, then you will be enrolling for a general introduction into the arts to prepare you for the possibility of joining 4 year colleges for further education in the arts. The associate’s degree program usually takes 2 years to complete. Mostly offered by community collages or technical institutions, the program is geared at giving you that fundamental education in the arts. You can enroll for this program by joining the said technical institution and community colleges or even by enrolling for art school online for the program. The choice is yours to make. But, always gather as much information on the art school prior to making any commitments.

For bachelors or undergraduate art degrees, there are basically two types of undergraduate degrees: professional programs and liberal art program, recognized nationally in the United States. The former grants a BFA degree certificate while the latter grants a BA degree certificate. Apart from this difference, the two degree programs differ in goals and objectives. The professional art program mainly focuses intensively on visual arts with general studies programs included, while the liberal art program focuses mainly in art and design programs supported by broad programs in general studies. Most 4 year colleges with art degree programs will offer you either of the two types of art degrees, so join one.