Inspired by Nature, Mused by Mountains

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic and creative satisfaction. As an artist, it is important to be close to nature and merge into the vibes to be one with the nature. Artistic abilities can be enhanced exponentially merely by spending some time in the midst of nature’s beauty that humanity has been blessed with.

Sourcing Ideas


The commonly known term, ‘writer’s block’ is not just a problem for writers but for all kinds of artists struggling to find their muse or inspiration. From my own experience I can say that nature has a profound influence on the way you think. It helps you understand art better. Try going on a trek on a weekend and carry home the experience. May be not immediately but after a couple of months, something inside of you would cause your heart and soul to go back to the experience and derive your inspiration.

If you can spare some time and go on a month full of camping out in the wild, you would come back an enlightened soul. A simple way to do so is to prepare yourself for the adventure of your life. Pack up everything that you think would be needed and dump it in your car. Right from trekking gear to a hitch bike rack mounted on your car, make the most of a vacation in the lap of nature.


Look for places where you can set up a camp and be in a safe vicinity from a village or a town. A few physical challenges might come your way but if you can get over those hurdles, you essentially have a lot to gain from the experience. When you look around you, you see from the eye of an artist and there is nothing better than to fuel your imagination than a month of raw nature. Perhaps you can look to set up a camp in a certain place and then travel around on your bicycle. A decent bike hitch rack would not cost you a lot and with proper protective gear, you can easily go bike hiking to some of the most amazing places that our terrains have to offer.


Fishing too is an interesting way to collect your thoughts and reach matters of self realizations. Such a trip when complemented by your favorite music can de-stress you and help you draw creativity out of little things of beauty – a leaf or an ant or perhaps a natural tree house. In order to break free and simply sync in with the nature to give rise to some beautiful pieces of art, a rendezvous with nature is very important.