Looking For A Career In Video Game Art Design

Video game art design careers are a popular choice with anyone who loves the visual arts, loves video games and loves creating or basically anything art related. Video games are designed, created and produced by teams of talented people. One of those team members is a video game art designer. So what does a video game art designer do exactly?

A Video Game Art Designer

Imagine your favorite video game and think about all the places an art designer might have worked on as you go through the levels. There are backgrounds, foregrounds, characters, animals, vehicles, etc. Essentially anything you see in a video game has been touched by a video game art designer. They not only produce the images, many times they also have a hand in the adaptation of their art into 3D action. So if you enjoy the expressions on your characters face, or the way the grass is rendered, you have the game art designer to thank.



People who are interested in game art design as a career usually want to know what education is required. There are several different opinions on that matter, and basically it varies depending upon your goals. To become a video game art designer on a professional design team it is usually required having some sort of education in art, whether it is graphic arts, computer art rendering, or other commercial art. While a college degree isn’t a requirement it certainly couldn’t hurt. Luckily there are many game design colleges and schools to choose from.

Looking At The Software

Besides formal education potential game art designers should also be familiar with game design software, C++ programming language and many other aspects of video game design. A video game art design career means knowing about how your basic 2D art is turned into 3D backgrounds, full action characters and moving creatures. The more you know about the whole process the better your art will be, because you will create art that is designed to be used in a video game, not hung on a wall.

Beginner Designer

You see video game reviews all the time that either praise or critique the art work in a game. Every aspect of a video game is subject to scrutiny and must work together seamlessly to get a good visual arts review. You can tell when a game is a low budget production, or is created by a beginner by looking at the artwork in the game.

The visual arts are a major part of every video game design. Therefore art designers who specialize in video games are in demand. If you get hired by a professional game design company you will be part of a talented team that is dedicated to creating the most realistic, fun and challenging games possible. You will get to work doing something you love, and watch your art become part of the games that impact generations of video game lovers. When you look back at how video games have progressed over the years, you can see that the career of a video game art designer is a growing field that has lots of room for advancement and job stability if you get hired by a professional video game company.