The Magnificent Dancing Lights

The Northern Lights in Alaska are said to never be outdone in terms of the best outdoor light displays. Many visitors, who see the Northern Lights, describe them as inspiring and breathtaking. These “dancing” lights of brilliant yellow, green, reds, and blues provide a wonderful backdrop for the Alaskan landscape and makes for beautiful paintings and even masterpieces of this incredible display of nature.

The Northern Lights – Anchorage

The Northern Lights in Anchorage, while not quite the hotspot for viewing like Fairbanks, still provides a spectacular display of magnificent Northern Lights. Alaska shows it peak viewing times is during its many cold, and clear winter nights. Viewing Northern Lights in Anchorage has become a tourist destination and many of the area hotels have a “Northern Lights in Anchorage wake up call” for visitors who wish to be alerted so they don’t miss a minute of these breathtaking shows.

There aren’t any “igloos” for you to sleep in during your stay in Anchorage; but there are plenty of the best bed and breakfast inns for you to choose from during your Alaskan trip. It is recommended that you should be sure to bring your friends and family for this memorable, once in a lifetime occasion.


The Northern Lights In Fairbanks

The Northern Lights in Fairbanks, located deep in the interior of Alaska, are reported as being gorgeous. Fairbanks is situated in what is known as the “Aurora Oval”. The Aurora Oval is the region where the Northern Lights in Alaska occur most frequently and seen the brightest. The Northern Lights as seen from Fairbanks, almost always have a clear view, especially during the extended winter nights.

The best time for viewing the Northern Lights in Alaska is on a clear moonless night around midnight. But do remember Alaska is known as “the land of the midnight sun”; midnight on a moonless night does not necessarily mean it will be dark. It will likely seem more like a twilight evening than a true midnight blue when you are outside.

Northern Light Tours

Tours of the Northern Lights in Alaska are plentiful and affordable. So you should not have any trouble finding a guide or tour company to assist you in viewing the Northern Lights during your Alaskan stay.

The most challenging part of seeing this wonderful natural light show is adapting to the cold and lack of distinct day and night. Many visitors also report difficulty adapting to the time changes and jet lags upon arrival. Be sure to take along a backpack with some energy drinks and snacks to help you with this. The kids can also have their own smaller/ mini backpacks for their energy snacks too.

Whether you decide to view the Northern Lights in Anchorage or Fairbanks, make sure you capture this amazing phenomenon on paper or canvas, as it is the perfect nature inspirational piece.