Music to Paint to – Enter the Realms of Mesmerism

It is funny how artists find their muse. For some inspiration comes in the form of cool zephyr while for others, a butterfly might be an inspiration. Picasso once said, ‘Some painter transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform the yellow spot into the sun.’ If you’ve ever tried to put your imagination on the canvas, you would know exactly how true these words are.

While art exists in various forms, when two pieces of arts combine together, imagination takes wings into new horizons. While painting is the silence of thoughts, music is the wine that fills the silence. When you set out to put on the canvas what cannot be said in words and couple that state of mind with music, there is nothing that can evade you as your imagination takes flight.

When you get into the zone where creativity belches out of your soul, there is nothing better than creating an ambience of music to get the artist in your started on that canvas. If you’re a Wordsworth with your brush, you would never be shying away from soft, instrumental music while painting. If you like to paint nature, the sounds of nature would only help you get better and this is where you can plug in your wireless Bluetooth speakers and start listening to ‘Carbon Based Life-forms’ or ‘Hammock’.

When you try to capture the human emotion and put it in a picture symbolically, you might find ‘blues’ to be your great friend. Eric Clapton’s instrumental music is as divine as it can get in the quietude of your studio where you put give words to pictures.

In your mind, music often shows you the scene that you want to put on the canvas and some of the greatest painters ever have found classical music to evoke imagination than contemporary music. When you set out to bring out that unseen wealth of unrecognized life, your space when accompanied by music brings out the specks of subconscious imagination that help your craft a picture that soothes the soul.

Painters often get into different moods and to find complementing music is like finding gold. Experienced artists often know what to play. Right from Bob Marley’s sheriff to Yanni’s musical note, anything can be the inspiration. All you need to do is fill your silence with music that falls sweetly on your ears to enter your soul to bring out the best in you. Standing in front of the canvas with your wireless outdoor speakers like these  giving you the gift of music is a way of life that is dear only to artists, painters, poets and writers.

When you wake up in your studio’s morning hush, music is the swift uplifting rush and with amazing music to choose from, you may never run out of creativity. For some, it is the romantic lyrics of John Mayer or Michael Buble while for some it is the soothing melody of the Gotan Project that helps them find the light that switches them on. Once you’ve found that music to paint to, you’ve essentially found the guiding light that takes you into realms of mesmerism.