How to Spray Paint Ceramics

Having the ability to spray paint ceramics allows you to revamp something old or upgrade something that’s cheap.  Below are some tips on how to spray paint ceramics.

#1) Choose your pieces- Before you start spray painting, you’ll need to choose your ceramic pieces.  If you have an unwanted piece of ceramic, you might want to try out the spray paint and then proceed to your project.spraypaintttt

#2) Slightly sand the ceramic- Slightly sanding the ceramic will ensure that the spray paint is applied evenly.  Ceramics tend to have a smooth and glossy finish.  Therefore, you should use a over scuff to lightly sand the surfaces.  You should avoid over sanding or using more powerful methods.  If you sand the ceramic too much, the surface can get scratched.  It’ll be extremely difficult to apply the spray paint evenly.

#3) Make sure the ceramic is clean- After you sand the ceramic, there will be left over dirt and debris.  It is important to clean the ceramic in order to prep it for the spray paint.  If there is any leftover dirt/debris, it’ll get stuck in between the ceramic and the spray paint.  It’ll look gritty; as if it has a sandy finish.

#4) Read the safety precautions and prep- After you clean the ceramic, you should double-check the instructions on the spray paint can.  The manufacturer might have specific instructions when it comes to the distance that you should hold the can away from the ceramic.  You should wear protective eye wear and a breathing mask when you are spray painting inside.  Even if the window is open, it is better to increase the ventilation.  This will prevent you from breathing in any toxic or harmful fumes from the spray paint.

#5) Spray away- Finally, you are ready to spray paint your ceramic item(s).  You should apply three coats of spray paint when you are working with ceramics.  However, it is essential to wait the proper amount of time between drying sessions.  The ceramic should be completely dry before you apply another coat.  Sometimes ceramic can take longer to dry than other materials.  Therefore, it is important to be patient and take your time.  If you fail to wait, the spray paint will look unattractive and uneven.

#6) Gloss spray sealer- When you spray paint ceramics, you should apply a gloss spray sealer when you finish.  Spray sealers ensure the spray paint sticks to the ceramic.  Because ceramic can be smooth and slippery, gloss spray sealer is especially important.  Applying a spray sealer creates a glossy shine that’ll make your ceramics stand out.  Note- It is common for spray sealers to slightly yellow over a couple of years.  Most of the time, the yellow shade is not that noticeable.  But if you are concerned about your ceramics or you are choosing a light shade of spray paint, you can pay for a spray sealer that won’t yellow over time.  They are more expensive but they can also give you peace of mind.

Spray painting allows you to experiment with different colors and styles.  You can upgrade your décor and improve your surroundings by spray painting your ceramics.  If you are looking for a cheap piece of ceramic to experiment with, you should check out your local discount store or thrift shop.  This will allow you to try out the spray paint before you apply it to your expensive objects.

Nordictrack – A Better Back

[caption id="attachment_11" align="alignleft" width="217"]women inversion table Image Source:[/caption]

My name is Mary Kay and I am working as a personal trainer & artist. Reason why am writing this Nordictrack inversion table review is to express my gratitude to Inversion table from Nordictrack. After years of nagging back pain I finally decided to try an inversion table. Thanks to Nordictrack Inversion Table that helped me to get relief from daily pains. Let’s face it, not all equipment and products available in the market work as promised. Every product manufacturer tries to have his product sold by advertising through attractive reviews. This has been a common trend recently in weight loss and pain related products.

Note: The Nordictrack Inversion Table is no longer available. The one I’m using now is the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560.

Pain can create a severe discomfort in one’s life. It can creep up on you and make you a slave. You will be unable to perform your daily activities and can create an unpleasant atmosphere in the family. I was experiencing these problems and it is most likely that you are experiencing this too. Let me help you

There are so many products available in the market today for alleviating pain. Most of them require medical assistance for using them. However using an inversion table does not require any medical prescription. It is safe and secure to use. So an alternative way to deal with back pains is by using an Inversion table. This is a great choice as it involves no side effects and is easy to use. After using an inversion table I realized, it was my best decision I had ever made over all the products which I bought to alleviate the pain problem. My main intention about writing this review is to give an honest nordictrack inversion table review.

When I first thing noticed the inversion table I was convinced about its strong and stable structure. You will be relieved about the concerns on breaking and dangling upside down while using it. It has a sturdy shaft and a strong metal frame as its backbone. I was impressed with the quality of material used in the construction of parts of the inversion table. The material used is rigid and thick. Also size of the inversion table is kept minimal so you can keep it at any corner of your room. So undoubtedly there exists adequate protection to save you from falling off the table.

At first I found difficulties in using the inversion table. But it turned out to be lot easier as I used it regularly. Quickly I became a pro and started enjoying the benefits of inversion table therapy. It was not just about the reduction of pain I started experiencing also I felt a relaxed and energetic body. So using an inversion table also purports exercising to keep the body fit.

At start without proper knowledge of using the equipment I was aiming for complete inversion. But later I cleaned it up. I started slow with lower degree inversions and gradually tried to increase the level of the inversion. As the days passed, finally after 2 weeks I was able to completely invert my body with my head vertically facing towards the ground. As a beginner one must start with an inversion of 20 to 30 degrees. Slowly increase it daily and reach complete inversion of 90 degrees.

Further, after a month of using this equipment I aimed for more. I started using the inversion table to improve my body strength. I worked on crunches to increase my strength in abdomen. Now I can proudly show off my six packs to everyone. Other exercises you can perform using this table is inversion sit ups. This is an excellent way to increase the strength in the back muscles. This also gives a reliable recovery from the back pains.