Turning Up The Heat In Your Studio

An artist’s studio is where he or she spends most their time and feeling comfortable in your own studio is one of the most important aspects. Of course, weather plays an important role in that it affects the temperature in your studio. Seeing that winter is frustratingly cold, I decided to have a baseboard heater installed in my studio. With this heater, I can keep my studio a comfortable temperature without having to worry that the temperature might be too hot for my art supplies. It is also out of the way, especially if you have a small studio, and makes the cost worth it every step of the way.

Looking At Radiant Hot Water Baseboard Heaters

Radiant baseboard heaters can easily be confused with the electric baseboard heaters at first glance. This is because they look the same on the outside. However, on the inside they are very different. They work more like the free-standing hot water radiator heaters, because they channel hot water through the pipes of each individual unit. Radiant heaters are a little more complicated than the electric ones, because they need water to function.

  • A boiler is installed to hold the water that is heated up and sent to the hot water heaters.
  • A pump or electric motor will circulate it from one heater to another.
  • Both of these are normally placed in the utility room of the home or in a basement or garage.
  • The first unit will take a small amount of the heated water created by the boiler and then it will move on to the next one.
  • Hydronic baseboard heater reviews will tell you other people think about this type of system.
  • Having flow control valves installed will help to stabilize the heat in each room for more even warmth throughout the home.
  • Once the water leaves the last unit it will return to the boiler to be reheated.


Radiant baseboard heaters are very efficient providing comfortable heating throughout the home, but the hot water heaters do take time to heat up when they are first tuned on. These heaters work off the principle that heat rises, which is why they are placed along the baseboard. They work very well and can be used in almost any home or building as long as they are installed properly.

Installing Radiant Heaters

Installing electric baseboard heaters can often be done by the home owner especially if they have experience with do-it-yourself projects. However, installing radiant baseboard heaters requires the help of a professional. You’ll need a permit for these to be installed and they will need to be inspected. This is to make sure they are installed properly and that they are safe to use.

Cleaning Of Hot Water Baseboard Heaters

When hot water baseboard heaters get dirty they will begin to smell bad whenever they are turned on. Fortunately, they’re not that hard to clean and doing so will get rid of the smell. The smell comes from the dust that accumulates within the heater.

  • To clean the heater, turn it off and use a screwdriver or snap off the end caps to remove the cover.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the cover and the inside of the heater.
  • The dissipation fin can be cleaned with a soft brush. You can use a small attachment on the end of a vacuum cleaner to reach the small areas between the fins.
  • After the cleaning is complete, replace the cover and they’re ready to use again.

Radiant hot water baseboard heaters have low operating costs and they provide a good source of heat, which is why they’re such a popular choice for many homeowners and businesses. There are different sizes to choose from making it easy to find units that are perfect for any size room. They can provide a great heat source for any home or office.

Portable Baseboard Heaters

As an artist I like changing the scenery often, meaning I love taking my canvas somewhere else outside my studio. This way I get a new feel on things as well as some inspiration. With a heating system in my studio, it is not always a pleasant experience going out into the cold, but with a portable baseboard heater you can stay warm wherever you go. They are also a great way to help you save energy. If you have a home energy bill that is rising with no apparent reason, then your home could be to blame. A great deal of warm air escapes housing through the leaks and cracks in your home. Portable baseboard heaters can help you cut down on energy bills.

Where Heat Can Escape

  • Some places where heat will escape are through floors, walls and ceiling.
  • Windows can also cost you a lot of lost heat.
  • Other places where air could be escaping from the home include plumbing fixtures, through the fireplace, through ducts and more.
  • If there is a hole or crack anywhere in your home, you’re probably losing some warm air through it.
  • With more and more people looking to go green, reduce electric bills and be more energy-conscious, we see a shift into people looking to methods such as the electric baseboard heater.
  • There are steps you can take within your home to help you lower costs. For example, you can make sure that the electric baseboard heater with thermostat is working properly and that if you are leaving the home, you turn the thermostat down so your heater doesn’t have to work while no one is there.
  • However, you shouldn’t turn it off completely, because then it will just have to work twice as hard to warm up again when you are home and will use twice as much energy.
  • Instead, pick a comfortable temperature such as around 60 degrees and leave it there when you are gone.

Save More Energy With Portable Heaters


A portable baseboard heater may be just what you need to help you save more energy around your home. You should also be sure the heater is clean at all times so it will work properly and that nothing is in front of it or blocking it in the room. You should also be sure to buy portable baseboard heaters that are Energy Star compliant so you know you’re getting one that will work well for you.

Read Different Product Reviews

Electric baseboard heater consumer reports have good things to say about many portable heaters out there today. If you’re thinking of making the purchase for yourself, it’s a smart idea to read these consumer reports and reviews to find out what others are saying about a particular unit. The electric baseboard heater installation for these units are also snap, only requiring you to basically plug them in.

  • You can usually find portable baseboard heaters in 120 volt and 240 volt versions.
  • Which you choose will depend on the size of the space that you are looking to heat.
  • One reason why these heaters are so efficient is that they keep the room at a certain level, which you choose with the thermostat.

They also come with a variety of safety features that you can feel good about. Because of the functional abilities and the safety features, these heaters are good for bedrooms, offices, hallways and more. They can also be used in living areas and living rooms. They are easy to install and they don’t take up a lot of space in the area which makes this heater an even better choice at the end of the day.