Music to Paint to – Enter the Realms of Mesmerism

It is funny how artists find their muse. For some inspiration comes in the form of cool zephyr while for others, a butterfly might be an inspiration. Picasso once said, ‘Some painter transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform the yellow spot into the sun.’ If you’ve ever tried to put your imagination on the canvas, you would know exactly how true these words are.

While art exists in various forms, when two pieces of arts combine together, imagination takes wings into new horizons. While painting is the silence of thoughts, music is the wine that fills the silence. When you set out to put on the canvas what cannot be said in words and couple that state of mind with music, there is nothing that can evade you as your imagination takes flight.

When you get into the zone where creativity belches out of your soul, there is nothing better than creating an ambience of music to get the artist in your started on that canvas. If you’re a Wordsworth with your brush, you would never be shying away from soft, instrumental music while painting. If you like to paint nature, the sounds of nature would only help you get better and this is where you can plug in your wireless Bluetooth speakers and start listening to ‘Carbon Based Life-forms’ or ‘Hammock’.

When you try to capture the human emotion and put it in a picture symbolically, you might find ‘blues’ to be your great friend. Eric Clapton’s instrumental music is as divine as it can get in the quietude of your studio where you put give words to pictures.

In your mind, music often shows you the scene that you want to put on the canvas and some of the greatest painters ever have found classical music to evoke imagination than contemporary music. When you set out to bring out that unseen wealth of unrecognized life, your space when accompanied by music brings out the specks of subconscious imagination that help your craft a picture that soothes the soul.

Painters often get into different moods and to find complementing music is like finding gold. Experienced artists often know what to play. Right from Bob Marley’s sheriff to Yanni’s musical note, anything can be the inspiration. All you need to do is fill your silence with music that falls sweetly on your ears to enter your soul to bring out the best in you. Standing in front of the canvas with your wireless outdoor speakers like these  giving you the gift of music is a way of life that is dear only to artists, painters, poets and writers.

When you wake up in your studio’s morning hush, music is the swift uplifting rush and with amazing music to choose from, you may never run out of creativity. For some, it is the romantic lyrics of John Mayer or Michael Buble while for some it is the soothing melody of the Gotan Project that helps them find the light that switches them on. Once you’ve found that music to paint to, you’ve essentially found the guiding light that takes you into realms of mesmerism.

How to Spray Paint Ceramics

Having the ability to spray paint ceramics allows you to revamp something old or upgrade something that’s cheap.  Below are some tips on how to spray paint ceramics.

#1) Choose your pieces- Before you start spray painting, you’ll need to choose your ceramic pieces.  If you have an unwanted piece of ceramic, you might want to try out the spray paint and then proceed to your project.spraypaintttt

#2) Slightly sand the ceramic- Slightly sanding the ceramic will ensure that the spray paint is applied evenly.  Ceramics tend to have a smooth and glossy finish.  Therefore, you should use a over scuff to lightly sand the surfaces.  You should avoid over sanding or using more powerful methods.  If you sand the ceramic too much, the surface can get scratched.  It’ll be extremely difficult to apply the spray paint evenly.

#3) Make sure the ceramic is clean- After you sand the ceramic, there will be left over dirt and debris.  It is important to clean the ceramic in order to prep it for the spray paint.  If there is any leftover dirt/debris, it’ll get stuck in between the ceramic and the spray paint.  It’ll look gritty; as if it has a sandy finish.

#4) Read the safety precautions and prep- After you clean the ceramic, you should double-check the instructions on the spray paint can.  The manufacturer might have specific instructions when it comes to the distance that you should hold the can away from the ceramic.  You should wear protective eye wear and a breathing mask when you are spray painting inside.  Even if the window is open, it is better to increase the ventilation.  This will prevent you from breathing in any toxic or harmful fumes from the spray paint.

#5) Spray away- Finally, you are ready to spray paint your ceramic item(s).  You should apply three coats of spray paint when you are working with ceramics.  However, it is essential to wait the proper amount of time between drying sessions.  The ceramic should be completely dry before you apply another coat.  Sometimes ceramic can take longer to dry than other materials.  Therefore, it is important to be patient and take your time.  If you fail to wait, the spray paint will look unattractive and uneven.

#6) Gloss spray sealer- When you spray paint ceramics, you should apply a gloss spray sealer when you finish.  Spray sealers ensure the spray paint sticks to the ceramic.  Because ceramic can be smooth and slippery, gloss spray sealer is especially important.  Applying a spray sealer creates a glossy shine that’ll make your ceramics stand out.  Note- It is common for spray sealers to slightly yellow over a couple of years.  Most of the time, the yellow shade is not that noticeable.  But if you are concerned about your ceramics or you are choosing a light shade of spray paint, you can pay for a spray sealer that won’t yellow over time.  They are more expensive but they can also give you peace of mind.

Spray painting allows you to experiment with different colors and styles.  You can upgrade your décor and improve your surroundings by spray painting your ceramics.  If you are looking for a cheap piece of ceramic to experiment with, you should check out your local discount store or thrift shop.  This will allow you to try out the spray paint before you apply it to your expensive objects. When storing away your paints and equipment, make sure to use something that is clean and will keep everything dust-free. A nifty suggestion is to purchase one of those inexpensive clear backpacks. This allows you to obviously see your paints through the back, but it also allows for you to carry them around with great ease! Being plastic, they can also just wipe clean if you happen to spill some paint on them. Happy painting!

The Magnificent Dancing Lights

The Northern Lights in Alaska are said to never be outdone in terms of the best outdoor light displays. Many visitors, who see the Northern Lights, describe them as inspiring and breathtaking. These “dancing” lights of brilliant yellow, green, reds, and blues provide a wonderful backdrop for the Alaskan landscape and makes for beautiful paintings and even masterpieces of this incredible display of nature.

The Northern Lights – Anchorage

The Northern Lights in Anchorage, while not quite the hotspot for viewing like Fairbanks, still provides a spectacular display of magnificent Northern Lights. Alaska shows it peak viewing times is during its many cold, and clear winter nights. Viewing Northern Lights in Anchorage has become a tourist destination and many of the area hotels have a “Northern Lights in Anchorage wake up call” for visitors who wish to be alerted so they don’t miss a minute of these breathtaking shows.

There aren’t any “igloos” for you to sleep in during your stay in Anchorage; but there are plenty of the best bed and breakfast inns for you to choose from during your Alaskan trip. It is recommended that you should be sure to bring your friends and family for this memorable, once in a lifetime occasion.


The Northern Lights In Fairbanks

The Northern Lights in Fairbanks, located deep in the interior of Alaska, are reported as being gorgeous. Fairbanks is situated in what is known as the “Aurora Oval”. The Aurora Oval is the region where the Northern Lights in Alaska occur most frequently and seen the brightest. The Northern Lights as seen from Fairbanks, almost always have a clear view, especially during the extended winter nights.

The best time for viewing the Northern Lights in Alaska is on a clear moonless night around midnight. But do remember Alaska is known as “the land of the midnight sun”; midnight on a moonless night does not necessarily mean it will be dark. It will likely seem more like a twilight evening than a true midnight blue when you are outside.

Northern Light Tours

Tours of the Northern Lights in Alaska are plentiful and affordable. So you should not have any trouble finding a guide or tour company to assist you in viewing the Northern Lights during your Alaskan stay.

The most challenging part of seeing this wonderful natural light show is adapting to the cold and lack of distinct day and night. Many visitors also report difficulty adapting to the time changes and jet lags upon arrival. Be sure to take along a backpack with some energy drinks and snacks to help you with this. The kids can also have their own smaller/ mini backpacks for their energy snacks too.

Whether you decide to view the Northern Lights in Anchorage or Fairbanks, make sure you capture this amazing phenomenon on paper or canvas, as it is the perfect nature inspirational piece.

Turning Up The Heat In Your Studio

An artist’s studio is where he or she spends most their time and feeling comfortable in your own studio is one of the most important aspects. Of course, weather plays an important role in that it affects the temperature in your studio. Seeing that winter is frustratingly cold, I decided to have a baseboard heater installed in my studio. With this heater, I can keep my studio a comfortable temperature without having to worry that the temperature might be too hot for my art supplies. It is also out of the way, especially if you have a small studio, and makes the cost worth it every step of the way.

Looking At Radiant Hot Water Baseboard Heaters

Radiant baseboard heaters can easily be confused with the electric baseboard heaters at first glance. This is because they look the same on the outside. However, on the inside they are very different. They work more like the free-standing hot water radiator heaters, because they channel hot water through the pipes of each individual unit. Radiant heaters are a little more complicated than the electric ones, because they need water to function.

  • A boiler is installed to hold the water that is heated up and sent to the hot water heaters.
  • A pump or electric motor will circulate it from one heater to another.
  • Both of these are normally placed in the utility room of the home or in a basement or garage.
  • The first unit will take a small amount of the heated water created by the boiler and then it will move on to the next one.
  • Hydronic baseboard heater reviews will tell you other people think about this type of system.
  • Having flow control valves installed will help to stabilize the heat in each room for more even warmth throughout the home.
  • Once the water leaves the last unit it will return to the boiler to be reheated.


Radiant baseboard heaters are very efficient providing comfortable heating throughout the home, but the hot water heaters do take time to heat up when they are first tuned on. These heaters work off the principle that heat rises, which is why they are placed along the baseboard. They work very well and can be used in almost any home or building as long as they are installed properly.

Installing Radiant Heaters

Installing electric baseboard heaters can often be done by the home owner especially if they have experience with do-it-yourself projects. However, installing radiant baseboard heaters requires the help of a professional. You’ll need a permit for these to be installed and they will need to be inspected. This is to make sure they are installed properly and that they are safe to use.

Cleaning Of Hot Water Baseboard Heaters

When hot water baseboard heaters get dirty they will begin to smell bad whenever they are turned on. Fortunately, they’re not that hard to clean and doing so will get rid of the smell. The smell comes from the dust that accumulates within the heater.

  • To clean the heater, turn it off and use a screwdriver or snap off the end caps to remove the cover.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the cover and the inside of the heater.
  • The dissipation fin can be cleaned with a soft brush. You can use a small attachment on the end of a vacuum cleaner to reach the small areas between the fins.
  • After the cleaning is complete, replace the cover and they’re ready to use again.

Radiant hot water baseboard heaters have low operating costs and they provide a good source of heat, which is why they’re such a popular choice for many homeowners and businesses. There are different sizes to choose from making it easy to find units that are perfect for any size room. They can provide a great heat source for any home or office.

Portable Baseboard Heaters

As an artist I like changing the scenery often, meaning I love taking my canvas somewhere else outside my studio. This way I get a new feel on things as well as some inspiration. With a heating system in my studio, it is not always a pleasant experience going out into the cold, but with a portable baseboard heater you can stay warm wherever you go. They are also a great way to help you save energy. If you have a home energy bill that is rising with no apparent reason, then your home could be to blame. A great deal of warm air escapes housing through the leaks and cracks in your home. Portable baseboard heaters can help you cut down on energy bills.

Where Heat Can Escape

  • Some places where heat will escape are through floors, walls and ceiling.
  • Windows can also cost you a lot of lost heat.
  • Other places where air could be escaping from the home include plumbing fixtures, through the fireplace, through ducts and more.
  • If there is a hole or crack anywhere in your home, you’re probably losing some warm air through it.
  • With more and more people looking to go green, reduce electric bills and be more energy-conscious, we see a shift into people looking to methods such as the electric baseboard heater.
  • There are steps you can take within your home to help you lower costs. For example, you can make sure that the electric baseboard heater with thermostat is working properly and that if you are leaving the home, you turn the thermostat down so your heater doesn’t have to work while no one is there.
  • However, you shouldn’t turn it off completely, because then it will just have to work twice as hard to warm up again when you are home and will use twice as much energy.
  • Instead, pick a comfortable temperature such as around 60 degrees and leave it there when you are gone.

Save More Energy With Portable Heaters


A portable baseboard heater may be just what you need to help you save more energy around your home. You should also be sure the heater is clean at all times so it will work properly and that nothing is in front of it or blocking it in the room. You should also be sure to buy portable baseboard heaters that are Energy Star compliant so you know you’re getting one that will work well for you.

Read Different Product Reviews

Electric baseboard heater consumer reports have good things to say about many portable heaters out there today. If you’re thinking of making the purchase for yourself, it’s a smart idea to read these consumer reports and reviews to find out what others are saying about a particular unit. The electric baseboard heater installation for these units are also snap, only requiring you to basically plug them in.

  • You can usually find portable baseboard heaters in 120 volt and 240 volt versions.
  • Which you choose will depend on the size of the space that you are looking to heat.
  • One reason why these heaters are so efficient is that they keep the room at a certain level, which you choose with the thermostat.

They also come with a variety of safety features that you can feel good about. Because of the functional abilities and the safety features, these heaters are good for bedrooms, offices, hallways and more. They can also be used in living areas and living rooms. They are easy to install and they don’t take up a lot of space in the area which makes this heater an even better choice at the end of the day.

Best Art Museums in Massachusetts

Best Art Museums in Massachusetts

Massachusetts boasts a massive array of different museums and cultural attractions to visit, ensuring that art enthusiasts have plenty to see. Many of the museums are nonprofit organizations, which need your help and support to survive. These art museums are a massive benefit to the community, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to appreciate art.

The art museums throughout Massachusetts rely on visitors to survive, and memberships are just one way that you can support the ever growing museums. These museums offer exhibition space for new artists, which is an exciting way to get them seen throughout the community. Regardless of the style of artwork, you will be amazed at the talent on offer.

These museums offer some of the greatest and most obscure artwork that one will find.  From medieviel painting to the world’s largest inflatable balloon, which is operated by a massive air compressor, these museums have almost any type of art that you can find on earth.

The Addison Gallery of American Art is one of the most comprehensive collections of American art in the world and has over 17,000 objects. These span from the 18th century until now, and provide a fascinating insight into American History. Throughout the year, there are both permanent displays and feature exhibits for you to enjoy.

Fitchburg Art Museum is extraordinary and offers so much more than many other museums in Massachusetts. Not only can you enjoy the numerous exhibits on offer, you can get involved and enjoy an art class. The exhibits in the museum are intriguing, and will guarantee that your mind is opened up to the world of art.

The New Bedford Art Museum ensures that every visitor is engaged with art, understanding and appreciating every aspect. Since the museum was opened in 1994 it has attracted vast numbers of visitors. Although the museum is a non collection holding museum, it is still incredibly popular as they have many different exhibits throughout the year.

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has been open since 1876, and today is considered to be the most comprehensive art museum in the world. There are over 450,000 pieces of artwork on display, and this museum has a staggering one million visitors every year. In recent years, the museum has undergone extensive expansion, and there are now four exciting levels simply just for American Art.

The Museum of Bad Art is a community based private institution that is dedicated to finding and displaying bad art in all forms. This engaging museum was founded in 1993, and since day one the response has been positive. The collections have grown, and more people than ever want to visit this unusual museum.

Williams College of Art Museum is a revolutionary museum that believes people should learn about art, by being taught with art. This teaching museum ensures that everyone leaves feeling inspired and with a far better knowledge of art in every form. You will learn as you explore, which is the perfect way to absorb the different exhibits on offer.

Regardless of where you are travelling to in Massachusetts, there are many different museums to explore and enjoy. You will leave the area feeling inspired, and understanding a little more about art and everything it has to offer. American Art is staggering, and with so many proud museum exhibits, you will have no excuse not to learn a vast amount of knowledge.

Protect Your Clothes With Coveralls

For an artist it is important to be able to express your art in any way possible or the way that you see fit, but some things can make you hold back a bit. One great example is getting paint on your clothes. Not every artist like wearing coveralls to do their art, but once you get used to it, it will make things so much easier. With coveralls you can do whatever you want without damaging your clothes. Other artists who not only paint, but do sculptures or any of the like, need something to protect their clothing.

Cotton Coveralls

First of all, why do people wear white cotton coveralls?

  • Their clean and simple design lends themselves to many different applications.
  • For example, they are often used in art studios, laboratories, in manufacturing facilities, as well as for various kinds of cleanup operations.
  • It’s easy to see if anything gets on them, and it’s easy to distinguish those that are wearing from and performing a certain task from everybody else, which can be important.
  • Their very tough and can handle anything from the husband working in the yard to your child riding their little bikes and constantly scuffing their knees.

Situations Not To Wear Cotton Coveralls

Of course, there are some situations where these are not going to be able to get the job done. That’s not to mean they are a bad product, but simply they are designed within a certain set of specifications.

  • For example, you wouldn’t wear a pair of these out on the docks or on a boat in cold, icy or otherwise wintry weather conditions.
  • For that you would need something that’s lined with duck or other heavy duty material, in that case Bulwark Coveralls would be recommended.


The Different Features

There are many different features to keep an eye out with these, and one of the first is the kinds of pockets and compartments that you are going to find. You want something that is going to make your job easy, so if you’re going to need a hammer, paint brush, chisel and other tools, you would of course want a hammer loop and potentially other storage areas. If you don’t need any tools like that, simple pockets would be sufficient in most cases.

  • Many variations and styles come with a snap up front and are made to be worn over clothes.
  • Both of these are important factors that will make them easy to use and wear, and extremely functional.
  • If you can put them on over clothes and they are sized that way, you don’t need to worry about any extra confusion or hassle.
  • If you can easily take them on and off by snapping, you can quickly change in and out or rush into action if you need to.

Although white might not be the best color for messy jobs, the fact that the coverall is made out of cotton is a great benefit. On warmer days, because cotton is breathable, you can wear it with ease and it won’t bother you while you are working. Pay attention to pockets, snap up fronts, and other features and you’ll find a pair that’s perfect for your needs as an artist.

Inspired by Nature, Mused by Mountains

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic and creative satisfaction. As an artist, it is important to be close to nature and merge into the vibes to be one with the nature. Artistic abilities can be enhanced exponentially merely by spending some time in the midst of nature’s beauty that humanity has been blessed with.

Sourcing Ideas


The commonly known term, ‘writer’s block’ is not just a problem for writers but for all kinds of artists struggling to find their muse or inspiration. From my own experience I can say that nature has a profound influence on the way you think. It helps you understand art better. Try going on a trek on a weekend and carry home the experience. May be not immediately but after a couple of months, something inside of you would cause your heart and soul to go back to the experience and derive your inspiration.

If you can spare some time and go on a month full of camping out in the wild, you would come back an enlightened soul. A simple way to do so is to prepare yourself for the adventure of your life. Pack up everything that you think would be needed and dump it in your car. Right from trekking gear to a hitch bike rack mounted on your car, make the most of a vacation in the lap of nature.


Look for places where you can set up a camp and be in a safe vicinity from a village or a town. A few physical challenges might come your way but if you can get over those hurdles, you essentially have a lot to gain from the experience. When you look around you, you see from the eye of an artist and there is nothing better than to fuel your imagination than a month of raw nature. Perhaps you can look to set up a camp in a certain place and then travel around on your bicycle. A decent bike hitch rack would not cost you a lot and with proper protective gear, you can easily go bike hiking to some of the most amazing places that our terrains have to offer.


Fishing too is an interesting way to collect your thoughts and reach matters of self realizations. Such a trip when complemented by your favorite music can de-stress you and help you draw creativity out of little things of beauty – a leaf or an ant or perhaps a natural tree house. In order to break free and simply sync in with the nature to give rise to some beautiful pieces of art, a rendezvous with nature is very important.

Financial Aid For Art School

If you are looking to further your art education, but you do not have the finances for it, you might want to look into getting a student loan. If you’d like to learn about personal student loans, low interest rate student loans, and even parent plus loans, below is a guide that will help you through the process. Whether you’re a high school student preparing his or her way to college, entering freshman year, or already in college, here’s a guideline that will offer you a better understanding on getting a student loan. Read on for some tips on student loans for art college.

Starting Early

If you’re still in high school and you’re already prepping up the path to art college, one of the things you can do as early as now is to sign up for newsletters from banking institutions or colleges regarding college admissions and student loans. Some banking institutions like Wells Fargo for example, offer an online newsletter specifically for students who are planning to go to college with some financial aid. As early as junior high, it’s a good idea to start subscribing. Aside from that, search for online tools for pre-college students like yourself. Some tools offer free checklist of the things you need to prepare if you’d like to avail of student loans for college. In fact, some sites or financial institutions offer checklists not just for juniors and seniors but also for freshman and sophomores.

Stafford Loan

Another thing that you will need to understand when you’re considering getting a loan for your education is the Stafford Loan. A Stafford loan is a Federal Financial Aid offered to students like you. The government offers financial aid together with their recognized banking institutions. So when you are approved a federal loan, you may choose which banking institution you would like to receive the funds from.


Other Financial Aid Offers

Note that there are also various options for financial aid. The US Department of Education help students like you plan your way to college. Online tools are available for you to achieve both your financial and educational goals. Aside from this, you should also be aware that there are education tax benefits that you can avail of. If you are filing on your own, or you’re claimed as a dependent by your parents, there’s a way for you to get a credit for your education.

Aside from student loans for college, your parents can also avail of the loan for you. If they are paying for your education and need help to complete your college education, fret not because the government also has programs for the parents. Check out the bank of your choice and ask about the loans for your college degree.

What Are ACS Student Loans

Some popular financing packages that are specifically for education purposes are ACS Student Loans. It is common for students who are in financial difficulties to turn to this kind of financial aid. The ACS Student Loans provide the student with the advantage of attending college without all the hassles of trying to land bank loans only to be denied. ACS stands for Affiliate Computer Services Inc. which is a corporation that specializes in outsourcing technology. This affords the corporation the ability to efficiently process applications and all the necessary information that relates to the applications. The US Government has a contract with them and is presently connected with the federal education lending program.

The Application Process

All of the information that a student needs to make an application through the ACS Corporation can be done on the Internet. The only provision is that the student has applied for the Federal Student AID or FAFSA, by filling out their form which is provided though the financial aid office of the student’s learning institution. It will usually take a few weeks before the student receives a response to this application which is called a SAR or Student Aid Report. All the necessary details the student need to finish the process will be included in this report.


The FAFSA form is also something that the student’s named learning institution will receive so that they can use the included information to continue the process of the application. This is the process for obtaining student loans for college. This sounds like a lot of paperwork but the process is not that difficult. ACS student loans send the student all the information they will need and the offers for financial aide from the learning institutions of their choice including the repayment schedules and all other pertinent details. After receiving this information the student can then finish their application for the ACS financial services on the Internet.

The Benefits Of This Online Technology

The use of this online technology speeds the application process and allows the applicant to create a private account which can be instantly accessed online. The student only needs to input their personal information such as their phone number and address and then they will have 24/7 access any time they need assistance. Through their online access they will be able to manage their account without the need of speaking with someone in person at a payment center. They can accomplish express pay, loan servicing and online payments along with several other services available through their online account.

ACS Student Loans is highly credible and commonly used by numerous students today. Even so, the rule of thumb for any type of written document that needs to be signed is that it is essential to not only read the fine print but to have the document approved by a professional. This particular document is a student loan that the student will have for years to come. This document represents the student’s future and will be something they will need to repay for years. The student therefore needs to be very sure the document is in their best interest and that they understand all of the terms involved.

Looking For A Career In Video Game Art Design

Video game art design careers are a popular choice with anyone who loves the visual arts, loves video games and loves creating or basically anything art related. Video games are designed, created and produced by teams of talented people. One of those team members is a video game art designer. So what does a video game art designer do exactly?

A Video Game Art Designer

Imagine your favorite video game and think about all the places an art designer might have worked on as you go through the levels. There are backgrounds, foregrounds, characters, animals, vehicles, etc. Essentially anything you see in a video game has been touched by a video game art designer. They not only produce the images, many times they also have a hand in the adaptation of their art into 3D action. So if you enjoy the expressions on your characters face, or the way the grass is rendered, you have the game art designer to thank.



People who are interested in game art design as a career usually want to know what education is required. There are several different opinions on that matter, and basically it varies depending upon your goals. To become a video game art designer on a professional design team it is usually required having some sort of education in art, whether it is graphic arts, computer art rendering, or other commercial art. While a college degree isn’t a requirement it certainly couldn’t hurt. Luckily there are many game design colleges and schools to choose from.

Looking At The Software

Besides formal education potential game art designers should also be familiar with game design software, C++ programming language and many other aspects of video game design. A video game art design career means knowing about how your basic 2D art is turned into 3D backgrounds, full action characters and moving creatures. The more you know about the whole process the better your art will be, because you will create art that is designed to be used in a video game, not hung on a wall.

Beginner Designer

You see video game reviews all the time that either praise or critique the art work in a game. Every aspect of a video game is subject to scrutiny and must work together seamlessly to get a good visual arts review. You can tell when a game is a low budget production, or is created by a beginner by looking at the artwork in the game.

The visual arts are a major part of every video game design. Therefore art designers who specialize in video games are in demand. If you get hired by a professional game design company you will be part of a talented team that is dedicated to creating the most realistic, fun and challenging games possible. You will get to work doing something you love, and watch your art become part of the games that impact generations of video game lovers. When you look back at how video games have progressed over the years, you can see that the career of a video game art designer is a growing field that has lots of room for advancement and job stability if you get hired by a professional video game company.

Getting An Art Degree To Further Your Art Career

Joining art school is a choice that calls for careful thought and consideration just like any other major life decision, with open options for you including 4 year colleges with an art degree program, 2 year colleges with art and design certificate programs, 2 year art and design associate’s programs and 3 year art and design masters programs. Pursuing that higher education degree in art and design will thus involve you asking yourself some basic questions regarding your intention to major in art in college. You therefore ask questions including what degree you want to get, what you want to study, do you have enough finances, and do you want an online art school, a Christian school or a normal art school. Also, what kind of colleges you want?


Where Do You See Yourself One Day

Your answers to these questions are mostly influenced by the type of career path that you want to follow. Once you have a clear idea of the career path you want to pursue you can then you can seek the relevant information about your options. If you choose to enroll for an art and design certificate program at an art instruction school, you will mainly focus on the areas that mostly interest you. This means that you will be introduced to the fundamentals of art as it is assumed that the students taking this certificate have limited experience in the arts. Being that certificate programs are more concentrated than programs in a degree, your studies will include few, if any, general studies. As such your course may be as short as one semester and normally not longer than two years.

Art And Design Associate’s Programs

If you take art and design associate’s programs, then you will be enrolling for a general introduction into the arts to prepare you for the possibility of joining 4 year colleges for further education in the arts. The associate’s degree program usually takes 2 years to complete. Mostly offered by community collages or technical institutions, the program is geared at giving you that fundamental education in the arts. You can enroll for this program by joining the said technical institution and community colleges or even by enrolling for art school online for the program. The choice is yours to make. But, always gather as much information on the art school prior to making any commitments.

For bachelors or undergraduate art degrees, there are basically two types of undergraduate degrees: professional programs and liberal art program, recognized nationally in the United States. The former grants a BFA degree certificate while the latter grants a BA degree certificate. Apart from this difference, the two degree programs differ in goals and objectives. The professional art program mainly focuses intensively on visual arts with general studies programs included, while the liberal art program focuses mainly in art and design programs supported by broad programs in general studies. Most 4 year colleges with art degree programs will offer you either of the two types of art degrees, so join one.